Wearable technology

What is Wearable Technology?

There has been amazing advances in wearable technology in recent years. People have wanted new devices to monitor health, communicate easily and much more.

They are any device designed to be worn on the body. These can be jewelry, accessories, and medical devices. They have processing and/or communications capabilities that provide the wearer with information and services..

Wearable Technology

Examples of Wearable Technology

Includes AI hearing aids, and Google Glass. Examples of simpler forms of wearable technology are disposable skin patches, and fitness trackers. Many new devices have been developed to provide health information for the user. Also access to GPS, easy communication systems and other technologies have been included into smart watches. People want quick and easy access and reliable helpful information

Here are the most common examples of wearable technology include:

Smart Watch

Smart jewelry,

This includes items like rings, wristbands, watches and pins. These tend to work with a smartphone app for display and interaction.

Body-mounted sensors

Keep track of biological data for healthcare purposes. Today many people like to keep track of their health. One way to do this is to invest in smart watches and fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers,

These are often wristbands or straps, that track things like physical activity and vital signs. Trackers may connect to an mobile app for data storage, processing and reporting.

Smart clothing

This is clothing with built-in technology. This can perform fitness or health monitoring. It interacts with phones and other devices.

Augmented reality (AR) headsets

(MR) headsets combine physical reality and digital content. That allows interaction with real-world and virtual objects.

VR headsets, replace the user environment with digital information totally.

These forms of technology are great for gamers and can even be used with fitness programs.

AI hearing aids

These can filter out unwanted noises and adapt for best performance. It removes background noises in the user’s current environment. Such devices, can also have fitness tracking, audio streaming and translation. These are great and very helpful. Old hearing aids used to not filter out unwanted noises so the wearer still had interference.

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