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Scooters, trikes and hoverboards, everybody loves them. Today electric scooters are the in thing. Getting around is far more fun when you’re riding an e-scooter. There are great scooters around and some of the best are made by Segway, Xiaomi, Micro and others. The best electric scooters are practical and fold into an easily-packable package. If you have a journey or commute that suits this kind of personal transport, there are electric scooters out there that can reduce your journey time and get you through the traffic.

Electric scooters are only growing in popularity. They’re nippy, fun, and might be the mode of personal transport you’ve been looking for.

What to look for when buying a scooter

Some electric scooters are well suited to a quick hop they sacrifice distance for a vast weight reduction. Whereas others are more concerned with the battery for maximum range. This of-course makes them heavier. It’s a balancing act. If you’re commuting a long way, you need a good battery life. But if you’re just scooting that final mile, a lighter scooter would be better.

Lightweight materials like aluminium are a positive, since they’ll make your scooter lighter. However, if you’re using your electric scooter for more than play, avoid plastic components. The wheels are also important. If you are going to use it on all types of grounds and a lot then heavy use requires heavier duty wheels. Plus you may want suspension or pneumatic tyres. These will give you a much smoother ride.

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Electronic trikes and power riders

These are purely for fun. You can get great ones for both adults and kids.

Here is a great example for kids

drift rider
drift rider

Speeds up to 14 km/h

Up to 30 minutes of continuous use

Welded steel frame and moto ,style double crown fork design

Rear, dual inclined casters for drifting and spinning action

Age: 8+, Max Rider Weight: 54 kg

Sold with permenantly fixed UK safety approved adapter

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Hoverboards or self balancing scooters are self-controlling two-wheelers which run on batteries. Typically, these devices function like powered skateboards and consist of a platform for the rider, situated between two wheels and powered by large lithium-ion batteries.

How do hoverboards work?

How do they work? The rider is able to stay upright and be propelled forward with a little bit of practice. A hoverboard consists of the following:

Gyroscope: Adjusts the tilt of the hoverboard to maintain balance.

Microprocessors: These tiny processors regulate the power output to the wheels.

Battery: Stores the electrical power for your scooter. This is usually a high-watt lithium battery.

Motor: Provides the power to the wheels to keep the rider balanced and upright.

These all work together to provide the correct power output and manage the tilt so that the rider stays upright and is able to move at a controlled speed. The user stands on the platform between the wheels and adjusts the speed and direction of the board by applying weight with his feet.

These are very popular and are even used as part of the daily commute not just for fun.

There are some amazing boards for adults and kids.

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