Samsung Galaxy Fold sold 1 million systems– are collapsible phones ‘in’ now?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Because the Samsung Galaxy Fold release was so hindered by mishaps, including resilience issues and a release date pushed back eight months in total. It wasn’t clear how many people would have an interest in the folding phone. However it appears a million individuals wanted to put down money to buy the device. That’s according to the president of Samsung Electronics Young Sohn,

Speaking at an occasion hosted by TechCrunch, who stated that Samsung had actually offered a million Galaxy Fold systems. One million units is an excellent figure given the gadget costs $1,980/ ₤ 1,900/ AU$ 2,900 to buy. It is also surprising too given that figure only represents about 3 months of sales.

Other Manufacturers joined in

When it became clear that numerous telephone companies would be launching folding phones, there was a great deal of excitement.,But a year of hold-ups, meant the phones were never ever launched. Unfavorable press around the devices, indicated we weren’t too sure how the very first collapsible handset would land. It appears we shouldn’t have been worried, though, because 1,000,000 people can’t all be incorrect.

Are foldable phones the brand-new big thing?

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a success, things are looking brilliant for the Motorola Razr 2019, the second commonly available foldable phone. It has actually got a lower cost than the Fold, so when it becomes available in January 2020 it could be a slightly more cost effective option for people.

This sales figure is also a motivating sign for other producers that have confirmed they are working on such gadgets, like Xiaomi, TCL, Microsoft, Oppo and Vivo. In addition, there are a few business that had actually been rumored to be working on collapsible phones. However nothing has been confirmed– Apple, Google, Sony and LG are all stated to have something in the works. The sales figure for the Fold might be encouragement for these business to carry on with these projects. Saying that, it’s still early days for collapsible phones, and we’ll need to see how popular the next few devices are. How well the Galaxy Fold does in the long run, will also affect development of similar models by other producers.

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