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What to look for when buying a mobile phone

What to consider when choosing a phone.

When choosing your Mobile Phone do not just look at the brand name or style of the phone. Mobile phones come in many shapes, sizes, features and durability.

What you want your phone to be able to do is very important as well.

Do you need a phone with a large screen?

Maybe you prefer something that you can use one-handed?

Are you looking for long battery life or the best camera phone you can find?

Do you need a lot of storage for your music collection?

Maybe you’re a frequent traveler and a dual-SIM phone would be useful?

Do you want a powerful processor and lots of storage?

My advice is to write a list of what you want, before you start searching

Choose an operating system

The only two smartphone systems that are worth having at present are the Apple iOS and the Android System, although Google is getting much better. Both these are easy to use and support a wide variety of apps and games.

Android has a wider choice of devices at different prices, it offers more customization, and Google’s excellent services and apps are built in. If you already use Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Docs, then Android will be the better choice. It also has Google Assistant  the best virtual assistant.

Apple’s iOS provides a more accessible and intuitive experience , it’s more secure, and the App Store experience and quality of apps is slightly better. You’ll also find a great choice of accessories for iPhones, something that can be limited for lesser-known Android devices. Although if you go for something in the Android market by Samsung or even Huawei this is not an issue.

Features you may want on your Mobile phone


If you want something to be used easily one-handed, then pick it up and try it out. Some phones are glass front and back, and that makes them fragile. leads to smudges and therefore touch screen issues. You have a wide range of body styles and materials. You can have gorilla glass, super amoled. plastic bodies, metal bodies. There is a lot of choice So try them out in the shop. See which feel sturdy and are easy to use. Not too heavy, not too large and look good as well. Check that the fingerprint sensor position suits you as well — they’re generally being moved from the front to the back. The right design for you should look and feel good.

Nice screen

Make sure that your smartphone screen is a good size for you and that has a high resolution. Preferably a minimum of Full HD, which will be 1920 x 1080 pixels, or perhaps 2160 x 1080 pixels if the phone has a modern 18:9 aspect ratio. Anything that’s 1080p or higher will be sharp enough. Remember this is important as you will want clear and precise images. especially if you want to watch video. OLED screens have better contrast, with deeper blacks than LCD screens, and would be the best option. Both Samsung’s Galaxy range and Apple’s iPhone X sport OLED screens, but you won’t get them on budget phones.

Mobile Phone performance

Performance will be better with a good processor and more RAM. The processor is the most important, and newer ones are generally better in terms of speed and power. Apple’s A series chipset tends to outperform other processors. If you are buying an Android phone, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 is currently the best. It’s debatable how much RAM you need in a smartphone, but at least 4GB is needed.

Get an Up-to-date OS

If you buy a new iPhone, you get the latest version of iOS. However, with Android phones because the manufacturers often apply their own user interfaces on top of Android. Then it can take a while to get the latest updates, and you may not get future versions of Android, if the manufacturer decides not to update.

Only Android phones from Google, are guaranteed to get immediate and consistent Android updates.

A good camera

Good camera performance is about a lot more than just a high megapixel count. The quality of the lens, the zoom and even the flash need to be considered

Battery life

The first mobile phones had removable batteries. Now they tend to be inbuilt. So you should check reviews on the battery life.


When 16 GB phones came out and they had 10 GB used up by what was already on the phone. This meant you could run out of space quickly. A minimum of 32 GB is better, but 64 GB is even better.

It also depends on how you use your phone. You’ll obviously need more space if you like to load your music or videos. Having a Micro SD card slot allows you to have more storage space relatively cheaply, This can be used to store your music, files and videos and therefore not take up the phones memory.

Apple never includes Micro SD card slots, so this is something you’ll only find in some Android devices.

Strength of the Mobile phone

You will want a strong body and glass. Plus water resistance is also very important

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