What to look for when choosing a Laptop

Choosing the right laptop can be a complicated process. When you buy a laptop, keep in mind exactly what you will be using your laptop for. Is it for personal use, business use, student study or maybe gaming or watching videos online.

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The operating system

The first big consideration is the operating system you want it to run. It used to be just Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows. Now it’s also worth considering Google’s Chrome OS, which tends to come on much more affordable laptops.All operating systems have their pros and cons. Everyone has their own preferences as well. They all offer similar hardware and software features but the way they actually operate is very different

Windows Operating system

There are many manufacturers of PCs and the quality and pricing can vary greatly depending on the model and brand you choose. The fastest PCs will beat Macs in terms of performance and many PCs are designed for a specific purpose, such as gaming or business. PCs generally run Windows as an operating system, and it is updated more frequently than Macs. There’s also more software available for Windows. especially for gaming and business software.

Windows devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get standard designed laptops with a mouse, or touch screen laptops. You can even get fold-back screens or detachable tablet-keyboard combinations., Windows laptops also commonly come with touchscreens, which is not something you easily on any Apple MacBook.

There is plenty of choice of hardware for the Windows laptop more than Apple’s limited line up of hardware. You have more options with Windows laptops.

Mac Operating system

Macs are very user-friendly. Apple tell you exactly what you are getting regardless of which MacBook you purchase. Quality design is always there. and are built to look and feel elegant. Apple’s operating system, is straightforward and intuitive. Laptops come pre-installed with proprietary software suited for tasks such as editing video or music.They have fast hardware, your Mac will perform well during everyday use. However, they don’t tend to sport the most powerful graphics chips. Also they have a much higher price tag than Windows and Chrome OS laptops, especially when configured with lots of storage. Apple computers aren’t known for being cheap.

In many ways, Apple’s strict design standards mean that its products are easy for anyone to pick up and use. The design of the Mac means you have less freedom to customize the laptop. The hardware is the hardware you get. As Apple only sells a few different models and irregular hardware refreshes mean that they aren’t always the most up to date.

Chrome Operating System

The Google Chrome Operating System is a little different it is based on Google’s Chrome browser. That means that it can’t run desktop applications like the other two systems. Which is not good if you want the full functionality offered by a desktop platform. However, the operating system is quick and more versatile today than it’s ever been, with support for thousands of Chrome extensions and a multitude of Android apps. Hardware choices are also much more varied today than they’ve been in the past,. You can get get systems like Pixelbook which performs and looks very much like best Windows and MacOS laptops. There are even 2-in-1 options like the Pixel Slate or HP Chromebook x2. It is not as capable as the others but you can save a lot of money. It will be able to achieve the tasks you want it to.

Chrome OS is certainly a less capable platform than Windows and MacOS, but if it fits the bill for what you want to do on your laptop, you can save a lot of money by going with Google’s platform over the other two.

Types of laptops

Entry-level Laptops

Laptops can be expensive. If you need a laptop for the most basic uses like word processing, internet browsing, etc. Then a budget laptop is all you need. Budget laptops are generally light on hardware such as graphics 16or RAM; but they do what they are meant to do.

The best budget laptops will still be built to last, with competent construction and ergonomically sensible keyboards and touchpads. They are great for people who may not know a lot about computers and simply want a device that can carry out basic tasks. They are good for everyday use.

Mainstream Laptops

You get much better hardware. You aren’t going to see a super-powered graphics chip for your money, but these systems are truly excellent laptops. There are laptops with great displays, powerful processors, beautiful looking laptops, and ones that are light and portable with great battery life.

Premium Laptops

For a little extra money, you get better battery life, improved performance , larger and higher-resolution displays, and overall better build quality.

Despite the cost of the premium laptop category, there is plenty of choice. You can pick up 13-inch laptops with plenty of computing power and connectivity options. If you’re interested in gaming on the side or content creation, you’ll want to get a 15-inch laptop with a six-core processor and a dedicated graphics card. There are plenty of options to get a perfect computer for specific tasks.

2-in-1 Laptops

The 2-in-1 laptop combines the ease of a tablet with the utility of a keyboard. Either the two are attached but the keyboard can fold behind the touchscreen, or the tablet side can be fully detached. The uniqueness of their design can come drawbacks, such as weight and price. Convertible laptops are often more expensive than other laptops with comparable hardware.

Business laptops

Business laptops have great battery are more more rugged with tough shells. They tend to have slightly larger displays too, often with great color accuracy if they’re aimed at video editors and photographers. These laptops are also much more likely to offer better protective systems like biometric validation and professionally-oriented software packages. The biggest downside to a business laptop is that it’s usually on the expensive side.

Gaming laptops

Gaming laptop have high-end processors and graphics chips, as well as enough RAM to run modern games. They tend to be bulkier, typically to accommodate better hardware and larger screens.

Choose your hardware

The hardware on a laptop determines what it is capable of doing. It is important to consider what you are going to use the laptop for and choose hardware suitable for that purpose.


The CPU carries out most of the processes for the laptop. Better CPUs will be able to process more data at quicker speeds.


A graphics chip generates the images that a program needs to display on the screen. With most laptops, the graphics chip will come integrated into the motherboard. So it can not be changed. So make sure you have a good graphics chip at the point of buying.


Although there are some laptops that offer adequate sound right out of the box, such as the MacBook Pro, most laptops don’t have the room to fit decent speakers inside the casing. Most laptops provide ports to connect headphones or external speakers if you want a more immersive listening experience.

Laptop Memory

RAM, often referred to as memory, refers to the computer’s ability to store and access information for use. The more RAM a computer has, the more information it can call up at any given time, and thus the more things it can do at any time. So make sure you have sufficient RAM. The More the better

8GB is good for most users. You’ll want to get 16GB or more, though, if you’re running lots of graphics, video editing or high end programs

Laptop Storage

The amount of storage space on a laptop’s internal drives is how much data it can hold. Programs, videos, music: In contrast to RAM, data in storage does not necessarily need to be in use. A program that is installed on the computer but not currently running would take up storage space but not memory. These days, many laptops use solid state drives which are faster than traditional hard drives. An SSD offers a great performance boost over a conventional hard drive and can provides improvement in laptop usage . Make sure your next purchase has one.

If you need more space, grab a big external drive too. It is safer and often cheaper to buy an external drive rather have a larger internal drive. Shop around and work out the differences in cost. You can save money

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