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How to choose a perfect electronic bike, whether it is for you or the kids. Today electronic transport is growing. Kids have electronic hover boards, scooters and trikes, Adults even have electronic bikes and scooters as well. Simple electronic methods of transport are growing in popularity

Choosing an electronic bike


Electric bikes are designed for different people and different purposes. If comfort is key, then a step-through frame may be best. Maybe hill climbing is crucial, a middle motor system or high torque hub motor may be best. If riding long distances is important, then a battery of 400 watt-hours or more is needed.


Perhaps the most important part of buying an electric bike is test riding. Trying an electric bike allows you to forget your research and the specifications you looked up. Now it is all about ‘Do I love this bike?’. Is It comfortable? If yes, then start asking a few other questions:

“Does it have a good battery”

“Will it climb hills?”

‘”Does it have the quality and functionality I would like?”

Also you may want a bike that you can easily transport so questions like

“Is the bike foldable?”

“The bike is heavy or lightweight?”

“The frame is big enough?”

Today electric bikes are reliable, powerful, useful, and fun to use. An electric bike can be life changing. Buying an electric bike is a big investment With a warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is worth it. A two year warranty on parts, motor and battery is to be expected from most electric bike manufacturers. So make sure you get a good warranty.

There are many choices, lots of opinions, The best strategy is to put your trust in your intuition. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a bike is from a brand you’ve never heard of and can’t find information on it, it is probably best to stay clear. One of the best ways to check out a bike is to read online reviews from buyers.

Electric bikes are not toys, they are transportation. The quality of the bicycle itself, is extremely important. More important if you plan on riding it day in and day out.

Which electric bike to choose?

This is a difficult question given the large number of models available on the market and the number of criteria to take into account. There are bikes for all tastes and uses at a range of prices. Do not choose your first bike, based on its price or its look!. This is because the best electric-assisted bicycle in the world may not be suitable for the use you want to make of it. The design or even the riding position, seat comfort may not be right for you. You need to know what you want to use it for. If traveling to work from the train is important. Then you want a lightweight, fold-able small bike. Not a electronic mountain bike just because it looks cool.

How will you be using your e-bike

Everything depends on your intended use. These are the main uses hiking, sport, commuting, shopping, fitness and daily local riding. Also the frequency of use occasional, regular or even intensive is important. You should also consider the number of kilometres to be covered per day. The distance of the longest journeys you may take and the difficulty of the terrain.

The make up of the bike, the battery like, the engine capabilities will be affected by these choices. Accessories are also important. Finally, the budget will of course need to be considered.

There are different types of electric bikes:

city bikes (urban)

hiking bikes,

mixed bikes (urban and hiking),

racing bikes.

Some are also available in a foldable version, more practical for transport.

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The right questions to ask when choosing your E- Bike

Your electric bicycle must meet the use you plan to make of it.

Do you want a bicycle to go to work every day. To use on the road or in the forest. To do sports or simply to go to town.

Will you use it every day or occasionally?

Will you travel by train, car, bus or plane? if so it needs to be portable

Do you plan to use it over long distances? If this is the case you need a good motor and battery.

Do you plan to do it on the road only? Then you will need a ordinary design with a comfortable seat etc. Not a racing bike or mountain bike design.

Would you like to be able to use it in steep, even mountainous passages?

The answers to these questions are important to move to the next step. This is the choice of type of bike. These are the city bike, mountain bike, racing bike. Some bikes are designed for road use only and will not be suitable for use in the forest. Others are designed for off-road use but not good for the city. Some are foldable, a practical side if you like to take your bike on a trip in the trunk of a car. Some bikes are more comfortable than others for short trips but tiring on longer trips. So you need to consider all these things.

So make a list of what you want the bike for and what it must have to suit your requirement. Next search online and look at reviews left by customers.

The ideal city electronic bike

The ideal bike for the city is called a “Dutch” straight bike. It is designed for comfort. It has a comfortable seat, high handlebars close together. Se when peddling you are riding with a straight back. It is also easy to get onto the seat which makes it very practical when wearing a skirt or suit. By sitting straight you get good visibility. The bike is designed to allow for accessories like luggage racks, baskets, better suspensions, mirrors, chain guards, mudguards plus other add ons.

It is a good bike to use for short trips. For longer trips, it is a tiring and can be uncomfortable riding in the same position.

The electric multipurpose bike

Electric VTC
This is a versatile bike suitable for city and leisure outings on roads and paths

The multi-purpose bike is designed for the city, plus sports and leisure outings on roads and paths. It offers a more ergonomic saddle that is harder than the straight bike. It has a more powerful braking system. The position on this bike is tilted, making it more aerodynamic. Some models can be fitted with accessories such as luggage racks, saddlebags, mirrors and anti-theft devices. It is more suitable for hills than the city bike.

This is a good compromise between the city bike and the mountain bike. It has been designed to be practical while offering better pedaling efficiency. Also better aerodynamics and greater comfort than the city bike for long journeys. This bike is ideal for short trips in the city or for longer outings, on the road or off road.

The mountain bike (mountain bike) or electric trekking bike

Electric bike
The electric mountain bike, with its serrated tires and powerful assistance, is suitable for sports outings on steep terrain

The electric mountain bike has wide and notched tires. These are designed to ride on any terrain. However, it is less practical on the road. It is suitable for riders who enjoy mountain biking but want assistance at times. It gives a big boost on steep slopes and on forest roads. Riding becomes a real pleasure for those who love mountain biking but don’t want or don’t have the strength to cope for long periods and over difficult terrain.

The electric racing bike

electric racing bike
The best electric racing bikes are equipped with an ultra-light motor and battery

The electric racing bike is a bike designed for long distances, mountains, and difficult passes.

An electric racing bike has thin tires and its weight is light compared to other electric bikes. The best electric road bikes weigh 9 to 13 kg thanks to the use of a light frame and an ultra-light motor and battery. They obviously cost more.

Once you have decided on the use and comfort, plus style of bike you want. Then purchase your electronic bike and enjoy

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