What to look for in a camera

Compact Cameras

If you are looking for an everyday camera then you need a compact camera. One that is simple to use, portable and has point and click photography. If on the other hand you are not too concerned about portability and size you may want to look at better quality portable cameras which have better sensors giving an improved picture quality. You can even get portable cameras now that have zoom lenses. So you do not have to choose a simple point and click camera anymore there are many more varieties. You can even get water proof cameras!

Mirrorless Cameras

If you want to go to the next level have a look at Mirrorless Cameras, these offer superior image quality, more creative options, and faster performance than point and click cameras. The next option is a DSLR camera. Here you have many choices from basic to professional. So your choice will only be limited by your budget.

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DSLR Cameras

A basic DSLR will offer better image quality compared to a point and click camera because of its larger sensor, but won’t offer the speed and extras of a professional DSLR. If the size doesn’t bother you, $500 on a basic DSLR will get you more than spending $500 on a point and click camera. You will get a much better image quality.

DSLRs when compared to point and click cameras obviously provide better quality photographs and features. However, when compared to mirrorless models they do not always offer better image quality or versatility.They do have some other benefits. Many photographers still prefer the optical viewfinder of a DSLR, which doesn’t suffer from lag or pixelation. It also takes less power leading to better battery life. They also have an advantage for action and sports photography, as their continuous and tracking autofocus modes are more reliable. However today mirrorless cameras are beginning to catch up.

The biggest drawback of a DSLR is the bulk. Compared to mirrorless ones, DSLRs are bigger and heavier.

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Other Factors

Now you have a type of camera in mind. You will need to consider many other factors:

Obviously price is important

Performance and features

Whether you want the ability to change lenses

The size of the sensor is important as it affects the image quality more than the amount of pixels. The bigger the better.

Ergometrics and portability

Also what you intend to take photographs of.


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